Stoll & Wachall

The artist duo Klaudia Stoll and Jacqueline Wachall present themselves in a passionate and ironic way. They are espcially interested in the human body as a medium for expression and communication. Their work has close ties to gender studies and pop culture. A poetically experimental visual imagery arises, which reflects issues of human identity with its contradictory and complex facets in today’s media-saturated society.

Wachall’s roots lie in painting, while Stoll has a background in new media. Their different backgrounds allow them to mix the different disciplines to create spatial installations, videos, photographs, performances and, increasingly, painting and drawing as well. Apart from their international exhibition activities, they have also embraced multimedia dance theatre and participatory projects. Since 2001, the artist duo has worked with people in the form of creative workshops in various contexts with a view to making modern art an immediate and tangible experience through creative actions. One’s own physicality and personality take centre stage in relation to space and the world.

‘Ohh!’ ‘I’m so gucci!’ ‘Ohhhh!’ ‘Aaaaaah!!!’ ‘gucci gucci gucci!’ ‘Ohhhhh!!!’ ‘That’s wonderful.’ ‘Gucciguccigucci!’

Masked by golden handbags on their heads and standing in a simply tiled bathroom in front of two mirrors, the two artists mutate into surreal beings. They converse in ‘Gucci talk’ about coolness, lifestyle, labels and sex appeal. A humorous, Dadaistic examination of beauty, identity and status symbols by two women turned into living, breathing handbags.

‘Mmmmh. I’m famous, very famous.’ ‘I’m beautiful’ ‘A golden dream’ ‘Gucciguccigucci!’

Life: Stoll & Wachall

Klaudia Stoll and Jacqueline Wachall work and live in Saarbrücken and Berlin.

1993–1999 Free art studies at Saar College of Fine Arts, New Media studies with Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach and painting classes with Prof. Bodo Baumgarten, projects with Prof. Christina Kubisch and Prof. Horst Gerhard Haberl. Since 1997 Cooperation as artist duo Stoll & Wachall, numerous exhibitions and performances nationally and internationally, awards, work scholarships from the Saarland, Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo, Cuba, Folkwang Museum in Essen, etc.