Andreas Wolf

The object of my non-representational work is developing complexly structured pictorial spaces.

Every painting starts from a blank canvas; there is no preconceived idea, concept or strategy and there are no titles for the finished paintings. The starting point is the first colour patch, point or line, to which I then react with corresponding or contrasting patches, lines or dots. In painting, I try to find that moment in which openness and the definitive, the determined and the undetermined, are balanced.

Each and every single element of the picture should interact with all of the others. I try to set focal points or emphases, but these should never overpower the equilibrium of ambiguity. The painting is finished if and when it resists an immediate comprehension, but offers at least one or a few different ways of perception or interpretation. For me it is interesting to note how I myself react to the picture’s visual structures; somehow on a physical level, like intuition, and it’s interesting to notice how paintings sometimes ‘work’ and sometimes don’t.

The finished picture is a kind of chronicle of its own creation – an ongoing process which continues in the next painting, with the experience gained during development of the previous one. The pictorial elements do not depict anything specific but instead represent the concept of process.The overreaching idea of my paintings is the question: how do human beings perceive abstract images and how does orientation in complex pictorial structures work.

Life: Andreas Wolf

Andreas Wolf, born 1965 in Heidelberg, lives and works in Berlin as a visual artist and graphic designer.
Since 2006, he has cooperated with other artists in organizing exhibitions, art projects and project spaces. In 2015 he became a member of the Berlin based Finnish-German art space TOOLBOX, which is part of Kolonie Wedding.

He paints large scale non-figurative paintings using oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

Wolf presented his works in Germany, Sweden, Wales and Finland in many group shows and some solo shows.